A decoder ring for
the pesticides on your food

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The science is in — pesticide residues are on your food, even after washing.

What are the dangers of these pesticides? How much of this stuff is really on the food we eat?

Pesticide Action Network's new iPhone app puts these answers at your fingertips. Get the facts.

Search over 90 foods,
including water

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From Almonds to Winter Squash, many of your favorite foodstuffs are on our list. Search and discover which pesticides are on what, and what chemicals are the most dangerous.

You may be surprised. Even after washing, a variety of pesticide residues turn up on many of our foods. With our app you can compare organic to conventional foods in ways that go far beyond top 10 lists.

The most comprehensive datasource of it’s kind, What’s On My Food? links USDA food testing data to toxicology (i.e. health effects) data compiled from multiple authoritative sources.

Get results,
make healthy choices

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Atrazine, endosulfan, o-Phenylphenol: What are they? Three toxic chemicals commonly found in our food and water.

How can you make sense of what you find in the database?

We help you by using visual icons to break these chemicals down into four classes of health risks: Neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, carcinogens, developmental or reproductive and bee toxins.

Take action to safeguard
people & the planet

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Making informed choices at the grocery store is an important first step. But smart shopping alone won’t solve the pesticide problem.

Pesticide Action Network works everyday to reduce the amount of pesticides in our agricultural system. We give voice to those who seek something better than “agribusiness as usual.”

Join the movement for food system reform. Sign the petition to President Obama asking for safe, fair & green food.

WhatsOnMyFood? Team:
Brian R. Hill, Developer
Andrew Olsen, Online Communications Manager, PAN
Heather Pilatic, Communications Director, PAN
Kristin Schafer, Senior Policy Analyst, PAN
Susan E. Kegley, and Kathryn Gillick, Pesticide Research Institute, toxicology and chemistry

What's On My Food? is a project of Pesticide Action Network (PAN). The project is made possible thanks to the generosity of the David B. Gold Foundation and the support of PAN's members and donors.
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